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July 13, 2024

Forgotten Barrel Winery

Escondido, CA - click for tixs

Aug 24, 2024

Maslowski Park/Outdoors

Glendale, WI

September 18, 2024

Private Event

July 17, 2004

Tesserae Rooftop

Atlanta, GA - Click for reservations

Sept 28, 2024

Jacksonville, NC

August 22, 2024

Fresh Coast Jazz Festival

August 1, 2024

Jazz in the Park

Milwaukee, WI

Aug. 29, 2024

David Sanborn Tribute

Middle C

Charlotte, NC

October 11, 2024

LYNQ Ultra Lounge w/ Hank Bilal 

Milw, WI

August 2/3, 2024

Chayz Lounge,

Columbia, SC

August 31, 2024

Private event 

Milwaukee, WI

October 18-20, 2024

Myrtle Beach Jazz Festival

August 18, 2024

Rose', Brim, & Bourbon

Richmond, VA

Sept. 1, 2024

The Velvet Note

Alpharetta, GA 

Nov. 6-10th

Jazz Legacy Gala

Hampton, VA

September 11, 2024

City Winery

Chicago, IL

Marcus Adams plays Sax Dakota saxophones and wears Soul Jazz hats exclusively. Click images for more info.

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Music has the power to transport us to another time and place. Marcus Adams harnesses that power with music and melodies that appeal to audiences of music lovers and fellow professionals alike. Since his debut project 'Suddenly', contemporary jazz lovers have found great joy and satisfaction in experiencing the progressive sound and look of Marcus Adams. With 3 studio projects to his credit, Adams is primed to take the genre by storm with his newest release 'RESET'. It's available on all digital music platforms! To contact the artist for your next event or festival, the information is listed below!




7801 West Center St, Apt. 1,  Milwaukee WI 53222


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